Canadian buy-side analyst trying to transition to US

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I am a canadian buy-side analyst working at a $50mm+ hedge fund. It is my 3rd year on the job and my experience are predominantly in the event driven space (risk arbs, special situations) but I do have some experience covering long/shorts via my current job and via previous 2 years on the sell side.

Currently trying to move the states as I think that US is still the best place to grow if you are looking to establish yourself in money management... I would like some help and thoughts on how do I make that transition... Recruiters? online applications? cold calling...? who here has made it and how have you done it?

In 2015, I actually excelled a list of recruiters, and cold called 100+ in a span of 2 months... not even an interview, and most never picked up/replied. But then again, I had only 2 years of sell side experience at the time. now with +2.5 years of buy-side experience + CFA. I am hoping to try again, but maybe recruiters still isn't the best way given my previous results?

Also, anyone had experience applying jobs via SumZero? As a contributing member, I can access the jobs on there, but spending consistent effort there wouldn't be an efficient use of my time if employers are unwilling to extend consideration to non-us applicants. This is something that I am just not sure about... so anyone who can comment on this would be greatly appreciated as well.

any thoughts would help!


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Feb 28,2018

Unfortunately, most HFs (especially the smaller and mid-sized ones) do not sponsor or care to relocate you - also, do you need sponsorship? I think the best bet is to try to target some of the bigger asset managers (Blackrock, Fidelity, JPM, etc), get a gig there and then move to a smaller HF after a few years once you're in the states. Also, have you looked into the US branches of the large Canadian Pension funds?

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Feb 28,2018

Thanks aero. your comments on smaller funds not willing to relocate candidate is what I suspected as well... and yeah, I would need sponsorship. that extra layer of hurdle would probably further deter potential employers

I haven't looked at bigger AM yet, but will be after you mentioned them. I figured that they are hard to get into. but if smaller guys are impossible to get into, i might as well try the bigger funds.

haven't looked at US branches of CAD pension yet, might give that a try too

Feb 28,2018