Capital Markets Summer Internship- Walker and Dunlop

Hi all!

Walker and Dunlop has a capital markets summer internship for 2018, I was wondering if anybody here who is knowlegable about W&D and will be kind enough to explain to me what the internship experience was like and if they are very open to extend full time offers upon completion of the internship. And last q- I am confused, what exactly does a capital markets analyst do versus their underwriting or production analyst? Because the internship description does sound exactly like an underwriting or production role- Reviewing/preparing cash flow models using Excel and calculating investment returns, assisting in writing of investment memos, identifying and pursing business leads, reviewing rent rolls, leases, researching markets, etc.

Thank you so much for your help!

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Comments (3)

Nov 20, 2017

They've been building out their MF investments sales platform (purchased Engler a few years back). This is likely a role on one of those teams (not a debt role). Depending on which office this is in, it could be a good experience (they do really well in Atlanta, the Carolinas, and Florida).

Nov 20, 2017

Got it, so if I am interested in the debt side, would a summer internship in their underwriting or production side be a better fit? Thank you!

Nov 20, 2017