Career help: Credit risk Consulting or Power portfolio analyst

Hi guys and gals, I've recently graduated from a MsC in finance and I've been working for almost 8 months, initially as a financial risk management consultant and recently as a credit risk consultant for the same consulting firm.

I've been offered a job by an important utility Company as a portfolio analyst (hedging, forecasting, risk monitoring etc. for an industrial Power&Gas portfolio).

I dream of working in the investment industry (asset management or hedge funds for equity or derivatives) and i'm scared of pigeonholing myself in the utility industry.

Do you believe that the skills acquired during the power portfolio analyst experience, paired with a CFA (currently studying for L1), could prove useful for an eventual career switch in the investment industry?

Or do you believe that I would be better off keeping my consulting job, waiting for the next opportunity (sadly, until now I've never been considered for investment related positions)?

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Oct 19, 2021 - 1:12pm

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