chance me for top Mfin?

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Sorry if this isn't the right place to post this, I've always read WSO but this is my first post and I would really appreciate any advice from those familiar with admissions to top Mfin programs that place in IB.

To keep it brief, I did my undergrad at a pretty mediocre non target state school (T100 I'd say). I studied applied math and CS and have a 3.87 gpa, 169 Q on GRE and 166 V, only one finance internship. Personal statement is really good and my recs are great, one of them is from my boss from the finance internship who did IB at a bulge bracket. Also did research in Econ and machine learning applications with my professor who's writing me a really good Rec.

I'm hoping to do my masters in finance at LSE in the fall 2020 and then break into IB in NYC, but wanted to know if I have a realistic shot at a top Mfin program. I know Princeton is out of reach, but I'm applying anyways. Other schools I'm applying to are:
London Business school

I would really appreciate any advice from the professionals on this forum on whether this plan is reasonable / there are other schools I should look into. I have spent months reading other posts and see people get roasted on here all the time so sorry in advance if anything on here makes you want to facepalm.

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Apr 18, 2019

Why go to the UK if you want to work in NYC? You're making your life harder.

To infinity... and beyond!

Apr 19, 2019

hey I really appreciate the reply.

I might have to repost this is another forum since this one didn't get any traction.

that's a great question but i just feel like my profile is a little weaker than expected for these top programs so I wanted to apply everywhere just to give myself the best shot.

Overall, do you think my chances are decent ? I had a pretty poor exchange semester grade wise where I got a C in differential equations and B- in numerical analysis, plus a C+ in data structures. It was a crazy cutthroat university in Asia and I got a respiratory infection the week of finals , which were worth 60% of the grade. I'm worried this will wreck my chances though.

Would really appreciate your input.

Apr 19, 2019

Vanderbilt places well. Their career centre is focused on placements.
Rochester though not a top choice has recently started placing well. I believe the key for Rochester is to go as often to NYC and network.

Just remember you will still be competing with undergrads for the same position.

Apr 20, 2019

really appreciate the reply . I've read good things about Vandy, but it doesn't seem like they place too well into BB, please correct me if I'm wrong. asides from that, I'll look into Rochester for sure. also Vandy seems extremely competitive and I don't know if it's a realistic target but I'll still apply for sure.

Thanks again for your time !

Apr 20, 2019

I would say the general consensus amongst MFin grads (being one myself) is that Vandy places the best and is the most difficult to get into. While it may not place into BB IB, they do place some into IB or good roles if I'm not mistaken. This is largely cause of their Career Center. I think Vandy class size is 30, so I'm assuming 10-20% get into IB in general. I could be way off with my assumption.

For Rochester I think its mainly upto the individual and is largely dependant on luck. The class size is about 120 but filled with internationals, so there is an inherent advantage for recruiting as a lot of banks don't sponsor or are very selective while sponsoring visa for IB (been told that by my fellow international colleagues). Also, I think the Rochester MSF is 18 month so you could always look to get any good IB internship and then leverage that to break into BB IB.

The main problem with getting into BB IB for MSFs is that BB/MM IB basically recruits from their summer class. I remember when I was a student (clearly I didn't go to Rochester since my course was a 12 month course), most MMs had filled their class with summer interns and the BBs were mainly interviewing undergrads. Since the MSF starts in July/Aug, you basically need to hit the ground running with recruiting; this obviously being while there's nothing much to talk about the MSF since you would have been there a month or two, so the main focus will your undergrad. So, the best way to weave into BB IB is to jump on calls with alumni and meet them for coffee either for on or off campus recruiting. My safe bet would be off campus recruiting.

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Apr 21, 2019

thanks for all that great information, really kind of you to take the time and ill definitely take your advice and be proactive early with the networking.

since you are an Mfin grad, would you mind giving me an honest gauge at my chances at Vandy? if I could PM you for a few questions that would also be great.

thanks again, have a great day

Apr 21, 2019