chance me for top Mfin?

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Sorry if this isn't the right place to post this, I've always read WSO but this is my first post and I would really appreciate any advice from those familiar with admissions to top Mfin programs that place in IB.

To keep it brief, I did my undergrad at a pretty mediocre non target state school (T100 I'd say). I studied applied math and CS and have a 3.87 gpa, 169 Q on GRE and 166 V, only one finance internship. Personal statement is really good and my recs are great, one of them is from my boss from the finance internship who did IB at a bulge bracket. Also did research in Econ and machine learning applications with my professor who's writing me a really good Rec.

I'm hoping to do my masters in finance at LSE in the fall 2020 and then break into IB in NYC, but wanted to know if I have a realistic shot at a top Mfin program. I know Princeton is out of reach, but I'm applying anyways. Other schools I'm applying to are:
London Business school

I would really appreciate any advice from the professionals on this forum on whether this plan is reasonable / there are other schools I should look into. I have spent months reading other posts and see people get roasted on here all the time so sorry in advance if anything on here makes you want to facepalm.