Chances at HBS/Stanford as an URM?


So I'm getting prepped to apply this fall for 2018 admission, and wanted to get an assessment on my chances of getting into HBS or Stanford and how realistic that is. I would love to go there but also don't want to get my hopes up to high as I've just started the application process. My Stats are as follows:

Ethnicity: Hispanic, Dual Citizen, but European last name (don't know how much that matters)

Undergrad: Top 5 University (varies between top 3 and top 7 depending on the ranking website), 3.6 GPA

Work Experience: Restructuring and Turnaround out of college, was promoted within a year, moved to a small middle market PE shop with lots of responsibility but have only been involved in one closed deal in the last year.

GMAT: 750

Extra curricular: Local politics groups

Any advice would be appreciated!

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Apr 5, 2017 - 1:35pm

With both of these schools, you just never know... But, I'm a URM and will be starting at HBS this fall so I'll give you my profile:

Top 20 UG, similar GPA as you
750+ GMAT
5 years CRE experience (upward trajectory)
some extra-curriculars, but nothing too noteworthy

I think the essays are key (they should really tie together the "story" your creating in your overall app) and I know my recommendations were very good (make sure to pick bosses/colleagues that know you well and won't just write a generic letter).

In my case, I applied to 4 of the M7s, got in to 3 (with scholarships), with a ding at Stanford.

Good luck!

Apr 5, 2017 - 1:43pm

Great to hear, and congratulations on getting in! I am currently working on crafting my story for my essay to be something interesting but I believe I have a unique angle (we shall see). Also I have one good rec for my former boss, but trying to figure out who would be best for the second one. Thanks for sharing your stats btw!

Apr 5, 2017 - 2:36pm

You've got a good background. Re: your political groups, I would suggest you use your best judgement on how much to make of that, as we seem to be living in a pretty charged environment right now. Everything else should give you a good shot.

Be sure to talk up your leadership at the PE shop, it's no small deal.

I'd say you have around a little less than a coin flips chance at either one, which is pretty good compared to most people.

Apr 13, 2017 - 9:50am

Thank you for the help! So you would say that the outsized responsibility of a small shop could be turned into a positive by focusing on my leadership, self-organization, etc? That's a great angle thank you!

Re: political involvement - I mean it's nothing extreme, it's literally just the Democratic Party in NY, and I'm Hispanic so it would be more startling if I was still supporting Republicans. Plus I can craft a good story about how I joined in 2016 after it became clear that Trump became the Republican nominee and motivated me to join organized politics to stop him.

Apr 13, 2017 - 12:08pm

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