Chances of getting into LSE Accounting and finance MSc

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Hello everyone, I am currently in my last year of Bsc and want to apply to business schools this fall. My favorite option so far (I've been researching for a while) is LSE's MSc in Accounting and Finance, although I don't know if my profile is good enough to get accepted there. I will try to summarize:

-Double degree in Law and Business Administration from a little uni in Spain. GPA not very stellar, 7.5/10. Law subjects made my average score drop quite a bit, as I've got rather high grades on business-related ones.
-Also doing a Bachelors Degree in Political Science and Public Management. It is a side study for me, and I do it just because I'm really into politics.
-Exchange of one semester in Seoul (South Korea) with really good grades
-Summer internships in a local industrial company (administration) and in a hedge fund (real estate and securities trading) in Madrid. I'll probably get a better one for this course's second semester, maybe Big4 or Banks, but it won't be in time for the application process.
-GMAT 730 (48Q,42V)
-Cambridge Proficiency in English with Grade A

My strategy is to sell that I am a well-rounded student with background in law that has recently found in finance its passion, and thus I need a Msc to specialize. And what a better place than LSE.

I have also looked into RSM and IE, in case I don't get the admission. The latter would be the obvious choice, as I'm Spanish and probably will be living in Madrid, but the high tuition fees are a huge downside. I would be more than happy to pay 50k euros to be one year in London at LSE, but I don't know if the difference between RSM's 2k and IE's 37k tuition fee is really worth it.

Thanks in advance for the help, it will be much appreciated

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Aug 30, 2017

With a 730 GMAT you are most likely competitive at the majority of schools in Europe.
LSE will probably also like the HF internship.
Don't count out other programs, like HEC, Bocconi, ESADE, Imperial, Oxford, Cambridge etc.
Happy to discuss via PM, too.

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Aug 30, 2017

So you think my GPA will be ok? I've read a bunch of comments on this web and many stated that almost perfect grades are needed.

I have also considered HEC, although it seems to be even more exclusive than LSE (specially taking into account that I'm applying for the Acc&Fin MSc and not the Finance one). Bocconi is 2 years, so I discarded it. Imperial is another choice and ESADE could be nice, but as a Spaniard, Barcelona seems right now like a big mess and I'm not sure if it'll be a good idea to go there.

Thanks a lot for the reply and help

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Sep 9, 2017
The following link shows what LSE requires from Spanish applicants - 7.5/10 it seems.

For MSc Accounting and Finance, you will need to check that you have enough of a relevant undergrad to ensure that you can apply. I think LSE might make you sit additional courses if you don't already have enough of an A+F/management background but definitely double check that. Should you qualify, then I think it does help that your business related modules have higher marks than the law ones. Your experience and GMAT are very good. Apply early to maximise your chances and ensure you get great references.

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Sep 10, 2017

Do you think IE is not good enough or did you just forget to mention it? Just curious

Sep 9, 2017

Are you looking at 2018 Sept intake?

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Sep 10, 2017


Sep 10, 2017
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