Changing jobs before B-School application

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Hi fellow monkeys,

long-time lurker here. I am planning to apply to top MBA programs in the US this upcoming fall and would appreciate your insight on a tough decision that I have to make.

Right now I've been with a Big 4 Corporate Finance practice in Continental Europe for a few years (and worked at a boutique consultancy before that). My group focuses on Infrastructure & Energy-related deals (mostly PPPs though), so I recently started reaching out to headhunters to see if there are any opportunities at infrastructure-related PE funds for people like me. I would love switching to a fund with a little more risk-appetite than plain-old greenfield PPPs, and, after b-school, stay in the infrastructure investment area but preferably in the US (for private reasons).

Now, long story short, instead of a fund I was offered a position at a boutique bank that's extremely strong in infrastructure. The only reason why I consider this position is that it would up my compensation by a factor of 3. However, I'm worried that switching from a Big 4 Corporate Finance practice (with an adequate level prestige from an adcom point of view) to a boutique bank that no one has ever heard of would seriously harm my application. Besides, where I really want to be is the buy-side anyway, not at a bank doing something similar than I do now.

Any insight on the admissions process regarding this?

Thank you!

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Apr 17, 2018

Won't harm your application at all. You already have the "prestigious" company on your resume. It doesn't matter how long you were there (unless it's super short, like an internship).

Apr 18, 2018

Why do you need an MBA if you're going to increase your salary by a factor of 3? I would imagine that is a higher salary compared to post-MBA jobs?

Apr 19, 2018