Choosing between LSE MSc in Finance, Cambridge MFin and LBS MFA

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Hello everyone!

I have 1.5-2 years of work experience in a big four due diligence team. I want to do a masters to work in London investment banks. I have offers from LSE Msc in Finance, Cambridge MFin (post-experience programme) and LBS MFA. Which one should I choose? (I will need a visa sponsorship to work in London).

I have 2 days to decide, so I will appreciate your thoughts! Thanks!

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Mar 9, 2018

Although Cambridge is the better name overall of the 3, the MFins at LSE and LBS are considered better. Between those two I'm honestly not sure; I would be inclined to say LSE because in general the 3 UK targets for finance are Oxford, Cambridge and LSE but truth is LBS places very well in the UK. If 2-3 years down the line you want to move to another European country or leave the EU altogether, I would opt for LSE as (IMO) its a better international name than LBS

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Mar 9, 2018
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