Citi Coverage vs. JPM Mid-Cap (IBD) vs. Moelis

Was hoping to get thoughts on this full-time decision I'm facing-
My thoughts are as follows:

Pros: really like the people, solid name, solid exit opps
Cons: non-group specific offer (don't know what group I'll end up in)

JPM Mid-Cap (IBD Group)
Pros: really like the people, great JPM name, think boutique model would be incredibly interesting (generalist coverage for companies smaller than traditional coverage groups, also do their own M&A)
Cons: New non-traditional group - don't know what recruiting will like if I don't pursue banking

^^^One thought about this group is VC sounds very interesting to me long term, perhaps working with smaller-ish companies could be a positive. (Though if I don't get a solid exit opp from banking, it could end up hurting me).

Pros: Generalist model, restructuring, exit opps
Cons: Moelis name doesn't mean as much outside of finance more long-term

Thanks for weighing in, I'm just trying to make an informed decision I'll be happy with. Have looked to this community a lot in recruiting and would just love to get some insights.

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Sep 30,2015

Go with Moelis. With all things considered, it's the best opportunity available and will grant you the strongest overall exit opportunities.

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Sep 30,2015
Sep 30,2015

Really should be between Moelis and Citi.

Moelis if you are deadset on PE/HF exits after 2 years.
Citi if you're unsure what you want to do afterwards and want to keep your options open.

Sep 30,2015