CNBC's Prostitution Special?

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Will anyone be watching CNBC's much-publicized and super-advertised special tonight at 11pm? It's about the business of high-end prostitution and I swear, if I see one more ad for it I might just kill someone. Probably a high-end prostitute, if I can find one.

Don't you think they could have made a double tie-in with the premiere falling on today, Veteran's Day, of all days? Maybe interview a few vets who've 'dabbled' in the biz?

You know this whole special has been months in planning, with the initial brainstorm happening back when they realized the Spitzer story was a major headlines/viewership draw. I can just imagine countless CNBC executives foaming at the mouth waiting to make a play for this as a 'business trend' story. Definitely a stretch for a 'serious news network', but doesn't this feel like something Fox Business should be doing? Now who's taking the high road? Bizarro world!

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Nov 11, 2008