Commercial Banking --> IB vs. Grad School --> IB

I just wanted to get some advice on choosing an academic/carer path. I'm currently a junior at a non-target who only recently became interested in IB. I accepted an SA position in risk in the commercial banking division at a BB and I had a late start realizing what I wanted career-wise (did not look into banking until right before junior year) and now am torn between continuing down the commercial banking route and trying to break into IB or should I do a grad program in finance, and try again for an intern position but this time in IB. For background, I'm studying economics and computational data science in undergrad. I got decent grades in college and am looking at MSF programs at schools like Georgetown, Johns Hopkins, Duke, etc. Also considering programs in financial engineering or financial economics as my undergraduate background fits those a little better.

Any advice on my options?

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Dec 24, 2018