Commercial Credit vs. Asset Based Lending vs. Global Corporate and IB Credit

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I've recently picked up a credit analyst internship at a BB (JPM/BOA/WF). I'm sure you can infer which bank the internship is for. The internship leads to full time placement in one of three categories: Wholesale credit, business banking, and commercial credit. 

Group placements for summer for the summer include Business Capital and ABL (non-investment grade, riskier credit profiles), Regional Commercial Credit (MM $5m - $2B), and Global Corporate and IB Credit ($2B+, large-cap and institutions; pick a vertical (tech, O&G, etc.)). 

I imagine all of these groups will lead to a relatively "commercial banking experience" in terms of hours and pay. While I understand the difference between these groups from a surface level, I can't say I know much of what to expect. 

Which of these groups, in your opinion, would provide the best experience, exit opportunities, and potential for upward mobility, and what would you predict to be some meaningful differences between the groups?

Any advice or thoughts are welcomed.


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