Compensation: Experienced Sell Side Associate to 1st Year HF Associate NYC

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Hi Guys,

What does comp look like on the buyside HF for a 1st year associate? It is a single manager fund with a 2 senior members and me, the sole associate. Roughly 150MM AUM fund that is just starting. I am 5 Years post MBA, with a med school background and 4 years sell side experience.

Any guidance will be helpful. It is a dream job for me and I will take the offer regardless of comp but just want to know what average comp is for the first year on a hedge fund role. Do I ask about equity or points? As a startup there is a lot of risk but this can scale up quickly and I want to ask the right questions regarding comp so I share in the reward given the risk. I have secondary offers for banking at an elite bank (think Moelis/Centerview and Sell Side research at a bulge (think Goldman/JP Morgan).


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Aug 8, 2019

Seems odd that they're giving you the title of analyst and not associate. Analysts for funds of this size typically wouldn't make much (maybe $85-100 base), but given your experience you could get as much as $120-150 base.

Is this based in NY?

Why do you think this is a right step for your career?

Aug 8, 2019

Sorry - just realized this is a hedge fund, not PE, correct? Ignore my $85-100 comment. You should definitely get $120+ unless it's outside NY.

Aug 8, 2019

Sorry about the title, yes, this would be an Associate role in NYC at a hedge fund.

I have been wanting to focus purely on the investment side and focus on science behind companies-biotech specifically, without the bs marketing component and ad nauseam publications

Aug 9, 2019