Consulting exit opps - PE and beyond?

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Hi All,

Looking for some ex-consultants here who have had successful exits to PE environment (either investment / deal side or portfolio strategy / ops / value creation side). Tips on best ways to source these opportunities? Has anyone had success exiting to PE investment side that is past 2-3 year stint in tenure (I know it's common for junior consultants to interview similar to analysts in banking programs)?

Currently an Engagement Manager at a non MBB consultancy (e.g., PwC Strategy&, OW, EY-Parthenon, Deloitte etc.). Specialize in PE cases (commercial due diligence, portfolio growth strategy / value creation)

Would any of the below help?

1) Getting an MBA (hyp. here is no - and that 2 years is a big reset financially given where I am)?
2) Switching to a PE group of an MBB?
3) Getting industry specific strategy & corp dev experience (e.g., enterprise software)

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May 3, 2020