Cornell Johnson vs UNC Kenan-Flagler for Real Estate MBA

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I've done some searching on this topic for real estate specifically but most of the posts were 10+ years old. I've been admitted into these two programs and am pretty set on getting an MBA focusing on real estate finance.

UNC offers a real estate specific MBA, had a real estate center, and there is a unique opportunity to join the real estate investment fund.

Cornell on the other hand, is higher ranked, and gives the opportunity to work wit their top ranked baker school of real estate but has no real estate specific classes.

I haven't received money from either school and my real estate work experience at this point has been doing engineering design for all sorts of commercial buildings and data centers (really it's development but on the corporate side). I also invest on real estate on my own and have a few single family homes.

Weather aside, can somebody convince me one way or the other on which program is better to join a real estate investment firm from either of these schools? The dream would be PE but I'll start with working in an acquisitions role if that doesn't pan out

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Mar 13, 2018

i would ask the real estate student club people - preferably someone who got the job you wanted.

aside from that, some (possibly useful) information are.... Cornell's ivy heritage helps, and Cornell has a pretty good Hotel Administration school before their b-school merger

Mar 13, 2018