Corporate Banking vs Market Risk at BB

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I have an offer for a position in a leading corporate bank and also an offer in a BB firm for a Market Risk position (front office risk management is how it has been described).

Ultimately my goal is to get a IB/Corporate Finance role.

At the corporate bank I will doing work that in some sense is similar to IB. Does this experience outweigh the brand name of the other BB firm.

Which offer should I take?


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May 28, 2009

wouldn't risk management be your best bet if you want to do IB because there is regular interaction between risk managers and bankers. are these both FT offers or SA offers?
did the BB firm tell you what you'd be doing?

if this is an internship, you can definitely leverage your market risk management experience into ibd.

May 28, 2009

Do risk management. It is highly quant and will work in your favor. You will also have networking opportunities at the BB


May 28, 2009

Thanks for your comments.

Its a Market Risk position in a Commodities group. Both at FT offers.

I initially thought that the quant work in the Market Risk position wouldn't help as it is not really related to the work done in a corporate advisory setting - more time series, statistical modeling.

The corporate banking role would allow me to forecast cash flows out, become familiar with various industries etc.

Any other views? Do other people still feel Risk Management is better?

Jun 22, 2013