DC makes their characters ridiculously god-like in movies

I've been watching some older Marvel and DCEU movies while waiting for Eternals to come out in Disney+ recently, and I've noticed a few things.

The entire DCEU theme is essentially "Gods attempt to blend in with humanity", while the MCU says "Our humans try to become gods through technology".

The ludicrous visual shows of might in Man of Steel, Batman vs Superman and Justice League is insane. Human kryptonians are casually forming mach cones and massive shockwaves that level city blocks (despite hitting their intended, human-sized target) with each punch, and kryptonian abominations fuck up city blocks with a energy surge. Whenever they fight, the surrounding windows shatter and the ground gets fucked up with some cracks/holes CGI'd in.

Meanwhile, Marvel's big bad struggles to lift a green ape above him, despite the green ape weighing like 500 pounds. On the other hand, I see Superman dragging a battleship through a glacier or lifting tectonic plates, and some guy he ragdolls lifts a nuclear sub out of deep water.

Whenever Marvel characters fight, it breaks the immersion because I see supposed gods and galactic warmongers fighting, and some guy gets knocked out just by smashing into a pile or rocks or being thrown into a pillar. Then DC shows two guys shredding a city with hundreds of skyscrapers while fighting with their bare hands and throwing satellites at each other in orbit. I'm assuming they don't show even more collateral damage because the CGI budget had a limit. Finally, in the latest movie (Zack Snyder's remake), Superman just causes some wonder girl who could catch bullets to become a statue while fighting the Flash. 

It's honestly incredible how they managed to make these characters have attacks that seem potent as fuck in a movie.

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