Dealing With ADHD In IB/ High Finance Jobs

Title pretty much says it all. So I was just recently diagnosed with adult ADHD.
I read an article where it said that S&T is the best job for ADHD and full of people with ADHD. Also, many people recommend S&T over IB for people with ADHD.

My brain's ability to concentrate has now degraded even further. It's a problem to learn in university with this condition. I am unsuited to long periods of concentration required to make PPTs, memos, models.

I have to say it's hard sometimes, especially when it comes to just sitting down at my desk and reading and learning. I have serious trouble to get to the point where I could concentrate for 6+ hours. I also have issues not doing something else when I watch movies or lectures. I couldn't force myself to pay attention and watch without also being on my phone or doing something else, even to the most interesting/great lectures, then lost track of what was going on and lost interest. Does anyone else have this problem? For those of you that have ADHD and work in IB do you feel that it puts you at a disadvantage? a possible advantage in some cases? How does it affect your daily work life? What is the best job for someone with ADHD? IB or S&T? 

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