DePaul University vs Urbana-Champaign

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I got accepted to DePaul University (obviously) and I was surprised just how much money it is for tuition. As a transfer, All in all, including housing, it will cost me a WHOPPING $52k a year...

Isn't that insane? That is literally insane: Do they think they're Harvard?

Even though they aren't the best school, the location is UNBEATABLE. It's basically a guarantee to get multiple internships for my last couple years of college so I was greatly considering going their anyways.

But, now that I have got back my estimated tuition, I'm pretty discouraged and there is now a 1% chance of me going there. Basically I just wanted people to verify with me that it would be foolish to still go to DePaul.

I also got accepted to Uni of Illi Urbana-Champaign for about 35k a year.

So, even though DePaul's location is superior for internships, would people suggest I go to Urbana-Champaign instead since I would be saving about $15k a year?
Really need some opinions before I finalize my choice in the next coupled days.
Thanks all.

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Aug 12, 2015

UIUC. the end.

To add a little more color:
- Cheaper, so the investment is probably gonna have a much higher ROI (yes, this is proper way to weigh college decisions, contrary to what most people think)
- You are probably equally likely to get a decent gig at UIUC, if not more likely. It is known to many in the midwest for being a great school.
- There are more bankers and asset managers in Chicago with a UIUC degree than any other school (by a very large margin). This will absolutely help you

Aug 12, 2015

Yeah, thats what I thought, It is an obvious choice. Another 100k to my school debt would be ridiculous. Something needs to be done about the price of higher education. Schools need to quit putting their extra 100's of millions of dollar endowments into building new buildings that nobody gives a shit about and putting it all towards making tuition lower..

Aug 12, 2015

Unless you're paying in cash or getting some huge scholarships, that's insane. Go military or go get a scholarship. Depending on your interest rate, that's equivalent to a home mortgage.

Aug 12, 2015

I have no idea about the strength of either of these programs. But if it's actually 15k difference and wouldn't be more with cost of living. 30g difference over two years isn't a reason to choose a school that gets you better job opportunities, assuming that is actually the case.

Nov 23, 2015

Bud Foxx,

You should be getting scholarship money from DePaul if you are are the caliber of student that was hopefully accepted into the UIUC undergrad business program.

If you are seriously considering which school to attend and want help, PM me. We can grab coffee. I have Fratstar UofI buddies on the verge of failing out, friends on the Dean's list, and pals who regret their decision.

I transferred to DePaul, have done well so far, and snagged a few internships along the way. This is my recommendation. I'd love to help if you want to get ahead.

Nov 23, 2015