Do any commentators have a clue about what they are talking about?

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I was browsing over some youtube videos and I came across a Peter Schiff one on the Dylan Rattigan show. The whole basis of the segment is risk transfer and how bad it has corrupted our economy. That's a fair argument, though one I disagree with. I do think there is some truth to the FDIC backstop corrupting capitalism. Actually, there's nothing capitalistic about it at all but it probably is a necessary evil. The panel talks about PE effectively not taking risk and make it sound as though they are just given free money to invest. They don't even consider the high yield debt that is being issued and gobbled up buy other investors. It seems to me that the panel just has no clue on half the things they are complaining about. That would be fine if it were just a group of people talking among themselves, but this nonsense it spread to their audiences and from their the hatred towards PE becomes pervasive without understanding the very basics of it. I'm not saying the average CNN user should be analyzing the latest KKR deal or anything, but I see time and time again where people are unjustifiably angry at something they heard from the media without fully understanding this. I'm not picking on the people on this show particularly, I just thought it made a good example. My question is am I missing something here? I see this type of stuff all the time with people who should know better.