Do you trust Amazon to let strangers into your home?

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Amazon sure wants you to trust them. In fact, they unveiled yet another product. This service is called Amazon Key; it includes an Amazon security camera and a compatible smart lock.

You order something for delivery and click the "in-home" shipping option. When the delivery driver arrives, Amazon verifies the address and delivery time and allows him or her into your home. You can watch from your phone as the camera records the whole thing.

However, the pricy product is not only for deliveries. They hope to make it compatible with cleaning services, pet sitters, and dog walkers. Amazon Key is only available in 37 U.S. cities at first and Amazon hopes to quickly expand it.

Walmart has also started testing a similar service called Deliv. Deliv is mostly for groceries and provides the delivery person with access to your refrigerator.

What do you monkeys think of this? To me, it seems that Amazon is trying to become part of your everyday life. Undoubtedly they will attempt to get this functioning with Alexa - the next step for becoming the best start home service on the market. This paired with their same-day grocery delivery will prove to be a challenge for Walmart's service.

I also don't think I would feel comfortable with providing access to my home to strangers on a weekly basis. At least not enough to warrant purchasing the service.

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Oct 26, 2017

fuck no

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Oct 26, 2017

If the goods are non-perishable, there are already quite a few solutions where DHL&Co can put the parcel in and it "auto-locks" (i.e. delivery box on the front porch which can no longer be opened afterwards).

For perishable items there are potential work-arounds around my home: yes, I would allow them to access the garden where there is another fridge outside! (or garage with fridge in other cases).

I wouldn't generally allow access to the house though. But I guess someone who allows random people to stay at their AirBnB home might not see a problem with these deliveries.

edit: Just found a great use-case. cooperation between AirBnB and Amazon Fresh deliveries! Order the exact beer and food you want while you book on AirBnB and it will be there before you arrive at your rental home! Billed via AirBnB and channeled/delivered via the landlords' Amazon account (referral bonus).

Oct 26, 2017

I really don't see the advantage to this. If you are truly worried about people stealing your packages, invest in a lockbox outside of your house or buy an outdoor monitoring system.

Oct 27, 2017

Amazon's brand saturation is unbearable to me as it is already, on par with Google and Apple. Not interested.

Oct 27, 2017

Depends, can I have a camera on my door?

Dudes: no let in
1-5 star chicks: auto voice that says go away
6-7 star chicks: let in and have water fall on them, but then have stick push back out
8-10 star chicks: door locks after she steps in and chains release

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Oct 27, 2017