Does HayFin have a public credit hedge fund arm?

Hi all,

Looking into HayFin and it seems like they have a ton of capital dedicated to private equity and private credit AUM, and even special sits AUM which seems private too by the description - but I'm wondering if they have any liquid distressed money or is it mostly all just private deals that they do out of all their pockets. 37 people have bloomberg terminals but a lot of associates who do Special Sits don't seem to, so i'm curious if anyone has more information about these guys. Thanks!


They don’t have a public HF team. Why do you think that? Because of their bloomberg access?


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Total Avg Compensation

May 2024 Hedge Fund

  • Portfolio Manager (9) $1,648
  • Vice President (23) $474
  • Director/MD (12) $423
  • NA (6) $322
  • 3rd+ Year Associate (24) $287
  • Manager (4) $282
  • Engineer/Quant (71) $274
  • 2nd Year Associate (30) $251
  • 1st Year Associate (73) $190
  • Analysts (225) $179
  • Intern/Summer Associate (23) $131
  • Junior Trader (5) $102
  • Intern/Summer Analyst (251) $85