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Hi All,

I am roughly 1.5 years out of undergrad (semi-target at best) living in USA HCOL. I spent the first year in corporate FP&A at a very well-known F25 firm. I didn't really like FP&A and being tied to the quarterly calendar cycle refreshing reports and creating short-range forecasts, consolidations, etc. 

I made the jump to a renewable developer in a project finance and capital markets role half a year ago. Typically working on transactions in the $200-400MM range and covering projects from origination all the way to financial close. I have good project finance modeling and due diligence experience and will certainly gain more before I make any jumps. While I enjoy PF to a degree, I would like to make it back to the corporate side of finance and move away from infrastructure/project finance. 

Is it possible for me to jump from my current role to a coverage or product group in the MM/EB/BB space? I feel like given my current role, I could make an argument for the Power & Utilities group (that's where 10 or so of my current colleagues came from). 

Is this jump possible or will I need to do an MBA? Would I be targetting an experienced analyst role or an entry-level? When would be the best time to leave? Should I stick it out 2 years here or jump ASAP?

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Sep 17, 2021 - 9:03pm

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