EQ/IB pharma background - Graduating in 2013

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I'm currently a second year pharmacy student, graduating in 2013, and I am very interested in having a career start as an equity researcher and after getting my MBA, moving onto IB. I've interned at UBS PWM this semester, but have had no luck getting a summer internship in either IB or research in the NYC or Philly area. What can I do to change this?

Also, I understand that I'm at a disadvantage being a pharmacy major but what can I do now in terms of experience, with 2 years left until graduation, that can help me get a job?

Lastly, for the upcoming fall semester, would interning at another bank such as Merrill Lynch, or a consulting firm such as Miliman, or taking business courses at a university would provide the best experience and background?

Thanks in advance for all the honest replies

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Apr 18, 2011

curious as well

Apr 20, 2011

does anyone have any bit of advice?


Apr 20, 2011