Will my background negatively impact my chances of breaking into equity research?

As the title says, will my background negatively impact my chances of breaking into equity research

Dropped out first year of UNI, have a couple of analytics internships at early stage startups and I now work full-time as an analytics lead at a series A startup. 

Thinking about going back to UNI this year to finish my degree in financial mathematics at a semi-target (US). I will be 25 when I graduate. Will I even have a chance of breaking into Equity research due to my background? 


Based on the WSO threads and resources, your unique background does not necessarily hinder your chances of breaking into equity research, but there are several factors to consider:

  1. Completing Your Degree: Returning to university to complete your degree in financial mathematics is a strong move, especially from a semi-target school. This will not only provide you with the necessary academic credentials but also offer opportunities for networking and internships in the field of equity research.

  2. Leveraging Experience: Your experience as the head of analytics at a Series A startup is valuable. It demonstrates your ability to work with complex data sets and derive insights, which are crucial skills in equity research. Highlighting this experience in your applications and interviews can set you apart from other candidates.

  3. Networking: Given your non-traditional path, networking will be key. Utilize your university’s career services, alumni network, and any connections you have in the industry. Attending industry conferences and seminars can also be beneficial.

  4. Internships: While completing your degree, try to secure internships specifically in equity research or related fields. This will not only provide you with relevant experience but also demonstrate your commitment to transitioning into this area.

  5. Skill Development: Continue to hone your analytical skills and stay updated with financial modeling techniques. Familiarity with tools and software used in equity research will be advantageous.

  6. Age Consideration: Being 25 at graduation is not a significant disadvantage. Focus on what you can bring to the table with your maturity, work experience, and technical skills.

In summary, while your path is less traditional, your background in analytics and leadership, combined with a degree in financial mathematics, can indeed make you a strong candidate for a career in equity research. Focus on leveraging your strengths, gaining relevant experience, and building a robust network.

Sources: Background check for operations - How bad is this??, Q&A: 3rd Year Hedge Fund Analyst, Q&A: Equity Analyst at a Sovereign Wealth/Pension Fund, Why is an athletic background so prized?, How to break into trading? - High quant background?

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