ER Stock Resarch Interview Mistake - Please Help!

Hi Monkeys

So I went for a junior ER interview and made it to the next stage where I had too write a one page report on a listed stock. In this one page report I had to write about what the company does, perform financial statement analysis and a recommendation.

The problem I have is that I realised that after I sent the report that I caluclated EV (economic value) incorrectly. Originally I had net debt but as the company has zero debt, I changed this to net cash and then added the number to the market capitalisation instead of substracting it. Nonetheless, in my recomendation write up, I did not mention anything about the EV or any of the metrics I used with it such as EV/ EBITDA.

Anyway, so the problem exists in a table, MY EV says that the company is worth 30 million where the real EV should be around 20 million (25 mil market cap; 5 mil cash).

It is now well after the deadline and I just received an email from one of the partners sayin that he has not had a chance to look at any of the reports yet and will ge tback to me in the future.

So what should I do?
a) make an excuse up and try and hand in a real report (I am worried how this will look in relation to attention to detail and the submission date was last friay)
b) leave it and play ignorance. (this is what i have been doing so far. I handed the report in last tuesday before the friday submission).

Thanks for the advice.

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Dec 19, 2012

Think you mean enterprise value not economic value.

Tough spot. I would probably ignore it and hope they don't catch it rather than draw attention to it.

Dec 19, 2012

Yeah, I think not knowing the difference between economic value and enterprise value is a much bigger issue.


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Dec 19, 2012

yes, I meant enterprise value so thanks for correcting me. The point of my question wasnt to seek the definition of EV. Any other constructive opinions?


Dec 20, 2012

Ignore it and move on. And yeah, I currently work in ER at a BB and I can guarantee you that you have to dig MUCH deeper than just EV/EBITDA ratios.

Dec 20, 2012

I did dig deeper but I had one page to write an analysis.

Dec 20, 2012