EU VC Internship 2Hour Case study Prep

Hi everyone, I recently applied to an EU VC that invests in FinTechs and was told the next step in my application is a case study, I have previous experience as a summer intern in Asset management where I did a rotation in Growth Equity.

From Speaking to the team they have said the Case Study is 2hr-3hrs, I will be sent information about the fictional EU Fintech in a word document and excel spreadsheet, and will have to provide written answers to a series of questions as well as extract some information from the spreadsheet.

Does anyone have experience in this kind of case study, what kind of questions can I expect and what kind of data should I be thinking about.

So far because they are working quite fast I have researched Fintech trends in my sector, any changes in regulation, Would I be expected to give a Valuation recommendation.

Any help would be useful thank you

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Sep 12, 2021 - 4:57pm

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