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Hey guys,

I was wondering what analyst/associate level is the cut-off rank for private equity recruiting. Appreciate that there is no precise answer, but would like to get a feeling for when I should worry about not being able to make the jump anymore. Would appreciate answers focusing on Europe (London).

How likely do you view transitioning post associate level? Say Associate 1-2?


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Feb 20, 2018

The usual range is Analyst 2 to Associate 1

Many asso 1 move to megafunds and experience is actually quite valued in LDN, processes are very different from the States where you need to apply 1.5/2 years in advance.

Of course you can also move earlier, and some Asso 2 also make the move though more rare. Above asso 2 becomes more difficult

Feb 20, 2018

I agree with Analyst 2 to Associate 1, with the occasional Associate 2 in the mix.

Feb 21, 2018

Analyst 3 to Associate 2 are the most common for MF.

I have seen literally every level for family offices' PE arms and smaller funds (in Europe there is always a fine line here, as many small funds are finally controlled by the capital - and industrial network - of 1/5 families). From MDs moving to be partners / head of private investments with focus on decision making and sourcing, to ED/Ds moving to be industry specialist and the "deal process" leaders, to VPs moving to be the "all-rounder juniors" in small offices, etc.

So if you are open to smaller places (which could still easily mean up to 1bn) I wouldn't worry - however it will definitely take time, patience and proactivity.

Feb 21, 2018

Thanks for your answers! Definitely helpful.

Unfortunately discouraging for me, since I am going to be an associate from summer on and plan moving to another bank at the same time to get a better brand name for MF recruiting.
Moving at the assoc 1 level to a fund would imply that I stay with that bank i might join in summer for <=1 year....
Any thoughts on this? Would my job quick changes raise eyebrows with funds?

Why does it become so much more difficult after the analyst level? Is it because one is too expensive? Would assume that a workaround could be a downgrade by a year if one is willing to accept this.
Or is it because funds assume you are less willing to do the monkey work anymore?

Feb 21, 2018

When do you see MBB consultants making the (rare) move? (in Europe)

Before or after the PhD/MBA leave?

Feb 22, 2018