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Jul 24, 2017

Can't speak to EY's interviews, but here's a breakdown of my other big4 FDD interview:

1) Case study - example company with limited financial info, background, industry, etc. Was given another sheet with ~15 scenarios relating to the example company (i.e. Company A had $2M in restructuring charges in FY14, Company A paid $500K in FY15 relating to a natural disaster, etc.) Essentially you had to think of how each scenario might impact our work for one of the three main analyses (quality of earnings, debt analysis, net working capital). The debrief essentially consisted of walking through each scenario with a Director and discussing my thought process. Case study also consisted of a few other questions, such as how to calculate LTM financial info, etc. (fairly basic).

2) ~30 minute interview with a partner that was 100% behavioral, no technicals.

Hope this helped

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Aug 10, 2017