I'm pretty upset that I was unable to make it through the three exams that I was given for an equity research summer internship for a large bank. I made it through the Abstract reasoning segment getting in the 75% but utterly failed at the numerical reasoning. First off I've never had questions based on a time schedule for buses and second I've never taken an international finance class and only knew simple currency problems that were much harder on the exam which is why I believe I had such a poor result. Can someone please steer me into the right direction for material I can prep with? As long as I'm not dropping over $80-100 I'll consider paying for it. I guess my second question would be, can I really prep for these things or do I just need to have an insane propensity to figure things out on a whim since all of these exams are different from company to company. Thanks for all the help and happy holidays to everyone!

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