Fall recruitment/ informational interviews?

i had a few questions that were out of my curiousity and what goals i should set for myself in the future:

  1. i was wondering what are my career options in teh future if i have the given experience: independent investment counsel firm, pwm @ Merrill lynch, and probably corporate cash management @UBS (i come from a top tier college with a gpa over 3.6)
  2. i will be speaking with alot of alumni within the sumer just to have quick informational interviews about their career endeavors, etc. what questions should i ask? how can i use these situations to network but also open a job possibility in the ffuture?
  3. if i would like to someday work in new york or cali how would i got baout recruiting if i come from a school in the midwest and most of the recruitment is specified for Chicago, etc?

i know this is a lot but it would really help me out!


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Jun 1, 2010

first off, more details would be nice. What do you consider a top tier college? You are in the midwest and except for a very few there arent many great target schools out there. But based on the info you gave me...and just to not bs with you based on your questions.

Your experience is nothing special. I am assuming you are a junior. Corporate cash management @ ubs might give you access to FO in UBS and other FO roles but dont except corporate cash management as a great resume builder than if you had a pure FO job either in sales/trading or ib.

Honestly you should figure out yourself what questions you should ask or look harder on this forum. I dont understand how you expect to join an IBD or FO and not have your own questions for the industry. no offense but that's really lame. That's like me saying I want to be a physics major but can you help me cheat on the physics exam. Do some due dilligence on what your trying to get into.

if your school is truly top tier you shouldnt worry about getting to NYC or CA. However, you should tell them during the interview process, the earlier the better about location preference. Or perhaps depending on the firm after you get an offer.

Good luck.

Jun 1, 2010

you can't even properly spell the most commonly used word in the english language, not to mention the handful of other typos in your post. granted this is just a forum, but nonetheless, i wouldnt let you near a pitchbook until you are able to spell past the 4th grade level

Jun 1, 2010

wow, rooster you need to chill. if i really wanted to take such a forum that seriously, i would. But, like everyone else, i am just looking for advice, not dudes who have sticks up their asses.

thank you etambusiness. I go to Northwestern if that helps and have been looking on these forums. I do have an idea of what questions to ask and how to go about informational interviews, but thought it would be easier to access more in depth advice this way (regarding what else I should emphasize on instead of a list of questions).

but thanks anyways.

Jun 2, 2010

so if you are a rising junior at northwestern you dont have an upcoming SA stint? Or is it that you don't do SA internships because of the whole coop thing?

Jun 2, 2010