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Hi Monkeys,

Long time reader, first time poster- hoping you all (coming from a variety of different backgrounds), could give me some advice. I graduated from a target school with a mediocre GPA (3.2) but some solid internships under my belt (wealth management, hedge fund, and M&A SA at a pretty large bank). Didn't want to do sell-side after grad, and sought buyside opportunities instead...wasn't easy but landed a role at a small multi-family office. I'm the only analyst on the team, report directly to the CIO and got a lot of responsibilities early on. I do everything from looking at individual equities to PE/HF investments to angel/seed stage stuff. All told, it's a pretty good gig (lifestyle and comp are pretty good considering the role). CIO is happy with my work, and is planning on giving me an equity stake in the firm by the end of this year. What's more, would get a lot of support with MBA admissions... All happened pretty quickly, and it's exciting, but I know too this means I'll be committed to this for some time...

Which brings me to my dilemma- I'm really wondering if I should stay on. While I love what I do, I worry about the future, whether the firm will experience growth, whether I'm learning enough etc. Have considered other options (larger family office, pension/endowment space, maybe even try and get into banking and see what buy-side opportunities it unlocks from there), but haven't made any action so far. Ultimately though, given how much I love my current job, and the track it's putting me on, I wonder whether I may be looking a gift horse in the mouth/ being way too noncommittal...If I'm being to vague with anything, feel free to ask questions, but ultimately, would love to know, what would you do in this position? Any insights you guys could provide would be great.


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Comments (9)

Jan 24, 2015

In Asset Management your experience counts much more than an MBA - I say consider staying where you are learn learn learn and kick out CFA caia etc.

Never do ibd

Jan 24, 2015

Couldn't agree more with the poster above.

Jan 25, 2015

Thanks to both of you- that is kind of my gut feeling (working on L2 right now, and after all I do really like where I am). Really appreciate it!

Jan 25, 2015

sounds like a great gig with a huge amount of responsibility
mba or whatever aside, imagine you would have a nice resume after a few years there. how long have you been there?

Jan 26, 2015

I've been here close to three years now- do love the exposure I've gotten, and I guess by the sound of it that is what's really key.

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Jan 28, 2015

What happens if the firm doesn't grow? More of the same for you? When will your learning curve flatten out in a no-growth scenario?

Jan 28, 2015

If the firm doesn't grow, I can't deny that there would be somewhat of a flattening of the learning curve. The diversity of the work we do does force me to get up to speed on new and different things all the time, so I don't think it would prevent me from developing further breadth of knowledge. However, without growth I wouldn't be gaining DEPTH of knowledge, if that makes sense. Definitely a consideration...

Dec 18, 2015

Dude is there any follow up on this? I am literally in the exact same situation

Dec 29, 2015