Fashion trends - anybody else feel old asf?

Regarding to casual fashion, streetwear, hairstyles, do any of you just feel old asf? I'm in my mid 20s now and I feel like I just can't relate to the streets no more. 

I'm saying this as I used to be quite edgy in my teenage years/early 20s. I had a man bun in 2013, biker jeans, paint splattered shoes, and hella designer Sukajan jackets. I used to be fucking around, smashing hella art hoes and manic pixie dream girls in high school/college. 

Now for the past few years, I'm just dressed up in tailored suits, leather shoes, and corporate haircuts, and I'm looking at what the teens are wearing in their Tik Tok videos and the slang they use, and I just can't relate to it at all. Is this what it feels like to feel old? I'm only 26....

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  • Analyst 3+ in RE - Comm
Jan 3, 2021 - 3:40pm

This is what it feels like when a new generation grew up with all the technology we were offered in high school and college (Snapchat, FB, Twitter, IG - at least for me) and the seamlessness of figuring out new trends and such. This is also what it feels like when any generation starts getting more attention than your own so it's all you see sometimes.

I'm in the same boat, can't relate to the new age style but I'm not hating on it either since people hated on millennial style too. I wear what I feel good and comfortable in and realize that I'm too old to keep up with what 18 year olds are wearing. Just not worth it to me.

Jan 3, 2021 - 6:36pm

im glad you quit being such a fucking fuccboi


Look at all these wannabe richies hating on an expensive salad.
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Jan 3, 2021 - 7:18pm

Tbh, after I turned 30, I just started sticking to plain "adult" menswear. Fitted jeans and chinos, sweaters, button-down shirts, plain shirts, etc. Quality, fit and comfort over quantity, so I do spend more on what I buy. I spend more money on tailors and seamstresses now, than before. I have zero interest in spending $500 or whatever on t-shirts that say Supreme, Gucci, or Balenciaga, nor I care spending fortunes on sneakers. I'll rather spend $1000 on a pair of nice leather shoes, than on whatever sneakers are in-demand right now. 

Sure, if someone's a fashionista that enjoys chasing the latest trends, and spending money like the hybebeasts they are, go for it. Maybe it's just me growing older, but I seem to have converged toward some bland style - and I like it. Makes shopping easier, removes insecurity about clothing, etc. 

Jan 4, 2021 - 2:41am

I consider my street fashion to be pretty good but definitely not that edgy. Current trends like you said are the "scumbro" format with super baggy athleisure and sneakers but I usually keep it clean with either tshirt or button down from some of my favorites (margiela, SL, vltn, burb - all minimal logo, more"if you know") paired w sneakers which aren't "sneakerhead" sneaks such as CL without spikes (black leather w white sole and red bottoms is fuego), pradas, or even CDG depending on the fit. FWIW I spend way more on my outside of work fashion than I do for work clothes (consists of mainly CT and Suitsupply w SV shoes). 

What I described might sound plain but looks great and gets good looks from people given I'm investing in quality for simple clothing over a branded gauche piece which is going out of style in a few months.

Jan 3, 2021 - 10:15pm

Things hav def changed - more relaxed, wide leg fits are sort of whats popular now (think Jil Sander, Theory, Jacquemus, etc.) Def a stark contrast to the skin tight jeans and YSL looks that were popular 5/6 years ago. I personally like the current more wide leg look, if you get the tailoring down its super comfy and very chic (if your'e into looking like you could be a fashion editor / buyer or something) 

Jan 3, 2021 - 11:02pm

Probably older than a lot of commenters above but I feel like average fashion has gotten so boring.  You either have the option of generic hipster or generic prep and that's it. For women, it's bad too. Yoga pants are everywhere. Love them or hate them, it's just boring.

When I was younger, I felt like there was more differentiation in subgroups: punk kids, hard-core goth kids, alternative rocker kids, hippie stoners, rednecks, plus the usual preps etc. Back then, what you wore really said a lot about you. 

Jan 3, 2021 - 11:21pm

I'm 26 as well and I think I see your point of departure - 

the type of look that you linked is frankly very flashy. i get that these kind of standout looks were popular in the past, but around 2015 the Yeezy line shifted everything to relaxed/understated/cozy looks and i think its a good thing. painter pants and baggy sweatshirts all day.

I found the change difficult to grok at first too, but now it makes sense to me. simpler/baggier looks are easier to actually live in, and dont look like shit at a low price point (whereas the flashy stuff looks terrible if you buy budget items). It also fits the mood of the time which is less celebratory/ youth culture has more focus on the problems with the world than in the past. 

Jan 4, 2021 - 1:03am

Man you get me!

Sukajan jackets and the jeans with the patches were the fucking wave! That was the most fun time of fashion this century.… 

I remember just being in high school/college at that time, and just picking up chicks' numbers left and right. That shit was so fire, you could totally express yourself in fashion and you just looked so cool. 

I was used to dressing like a rock star! Fuck all this sweatpants, sweat shirts, baggy fits, looking like a slob. Everyone now is such a fuckin pussy wearing muted colours like pastel brown and shit. There is no individuality, everybody just conforms. WTF! Why are teenagers, and fashion trends so vanilla now. Boring ass, sensitive ass, cancel culture ass, scared to deviate from the norm ass, participation trophy ass yawns! 

Jan 4, 2021 - 2:53am

Maybe you are getting old, but I don't blame you for feeling the way that you do about today's fashion.  Fashion, menswear at least, is dead. The iconic brands like Balenciaga, Dior, LV, Burberry, etc have given up on making actual clothing to produce $800 logo-heavy t-shirts and sneakers. The eponymous brands built by talented designers like Martin Margiela and Helmut Lang have been boring since they left. The industry is creatively barren and uninspired.

About the trends part - The homeless look being adopted right now really just demonstrates the extent of the hypercasualization of what we wear. Nearly every brand under the sun is producing sweatshirts/hoodies, sweatpants, and sneakers. The bigger brands I've mentioned before have had previous runway shows based strictly on that "derelict/hobocore" aesthetic, so it's no surprise. 

I'm actually slightly younger and once looked forward to actually being able to purchase some of the bigger brands since I didn't have the means previously, but it's hard to be interested at this point when I do.

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Jan 4, 2021 - 9:50am

Yeah, nowadays it's literally just a plain black T shirt with the designer logo for $300+. 

There are no cool designs now, seems like people nowadays literally just buy the designer to flex the logo. The designers are just producing based on market demand and that's what everyone seems to want. Hella lame imo 

Jan 4, 2021 - 6:12am

I cant wait to be in my 40s and pull off the casual sport coat/linen suits on a daily bases tbh. if i do that at 26 im going to look very weird. I have noticed that teenagers nowadys all wear these baggy unfitting potato sacks, which in my opinion look hideous. I do like the chino with some low top white AF1s tho, clean as fuck

Jan 4, 2021 - 11:47am

We're of similar age, but sounds like opposites when it comes to fashion. I used to be preppy and suited up whenever possible, but the older and 'wealthier' I get the less I give a fuck. I used to get so hype about dressing up. Nowadays you'd probably find me in Lululemon joggers, shirts and sweater/zip with Adidas Samba sneakers while out in public rather than just wearing it to lounge at home. I guess that might fall under this hypercasual-athlesiure-hobo-streetwear style that folks have alluded to. I still have the suits, the cardigans & quarter zips, the bespoke overcoat, the brogues etc. but I never wear them anymore unless I'm in the office and expecting meetings. I want to be comfortable above all and frankly I like the idea of being (and looking) low-key and understated. I like it when people take a look at me wearing a fucking snapback and tracksuit and think I'm just some punk/douchebag, but I know I'm well off. 

I think I may be an oddball on this board - sounds like I'm in the baggy potato sack crowd.

I see the young-adult crowd wearing a lot of weird (to me) shit, especially girls. Loose fitted acid wash jeans with huge alien-looking sneakers (sidebar: the giant sneaker thing is super wack to me). Leather pants tucked into white athletic socks (saw this today, they were leather CARGO pants too). Giant boho cape/dress/poncho things with oversized John Lennon/Morpheus glasses. High-waisted jeans only (fucking hate these). I see a lot of enormous Doc Marten boots with otherwise benign/basic outfits. There's definitely a "look" for the younger crowd where I'm currently living and while I struggle to articulate and describe it, frankly I think its ass. I also regularly see pods of young people wearing literally the same outfit with minimal differences, seemingly unironically. Pods of girls wearing trucker jackets + jeans. Buncha dudes wearing khaki joggers with the ugly elasti-cuff, a button up and sneakers. 

Jan 4, 2021 - 4:00pm

I think fashion can be anything you want it to be and your attitude is what matters most. If you dress in a way that you like - no matter what that way is - and you have the attitude to match and you "own" the look, then go for it, that's the best fashionista you can possibly be. 

I can relate a little to the ones that have posted about looking "slacker" even though you know you're well off. I do that too for things like taking my dog to the dog park or super casual things like that. But I still enjoy good clothes and I focus on timeless pieces. For me, that's PRL and my closet is about 90% of that (casual shirts, pullovers, etc, etc) and a good part of the remaining 10% is Brooks Brothers. Say what you will about both brands but they provide timeless men's fashion that you can look good in at any time of the year, in any part of the world. 

When I want to mix it up a little and make the PRL and BB not-so-boring I think you can get pretty far with accessories. I love Versace for things like that - they can quickly add a pop of color when you go out for the night or whatever. So, yeah, my look is timeless men's PRL combined with Versace for color. 

Jan 4, 2021 - 9:25pm

Same here. I was like you and fucked with the fashion trends back in 2015/2016 (I think a lot of guys went to study fashion design during those couple of years because of Kanye, like him or not). Now I mainly just wear black, sometimes with oversized hoodie and stuff if I go to a party with younger people. 

Jan 6, 2021 - 3:58am

Not so much. I'm a man growing up in the middle of "boomers" and "millennials". I only feel like wearing 2 things: modern minimal styles for workplace and formal events, or bold tropical-themed outfits like Hawaiian shirts for casual occasions. Is that considered outdated and old?

Graphic Designer | Fashion Enthusiast

  • Analyst 2 in IB - Ind
Jan 15, 2021 - 9:51pm

Goddamn you all are lame as fuck, might just an age thing but fashion hasn't gone "bad" or whatever. You all just don't know how to dress and wear corny ass oxfords in your 20s lmao

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