Feeling lost, need career advice

Hi all,

I'm in an interesting situation regarding my career and to be honest I feel lost. I currently work for a money manger in fixed income, primarily municipal bonds. My role entails trading our bonds and managing all of the offerings. Its a good job, but I'm in the hot seat at work and they pushed my review/bonus back three months to further review my work. A lot of it was unfairly done. But I have continued to work hard. It has been very hard to take time off to interview and meet with contacts because I work outside the city. I almost feel trapped in my current role, because I can't even take every interview I get. But I recently received a job offer at a large investment bank on the private wealth side as a client service associate. I currently commute an hour to work, so this would be a nice change to finally get back in the city. The pay is the same for the two jobs. But I'm not even sure what I can do with a client service associate position in the future. I just feel like I'm running in place at 26. Ideally I'm looking for a trading assistant type role with a broader product focus then just munis. Any advice would be appreciated.