Looks like no 2025 offer for S&T, coming to the end of sophomore year.

I've spent my sophomore year trying to recruit for finance; in my second semester, I focused on Sales and Trading because it's what I found most interesting. I studied a lot and networked with ~50 people (there are not as many people in general in S&T to be found, so I wasn't worried about this number). I go to target, and I have sales and finance experience on my resume, a 3.6 GPA, campus leadership, and competitions; it seemed like I had a fair shot at it. Coming to what feels like the end of recruiting, I've got nothing; I've applied to 20 or so jobs with mostly BB firms (and 100s of random finance positions on a handshake), done about 10 hirevues, all of my networking calls went well, but nothing. Not even a Zoom interview. 

I know the job market is tough and a lot of people with amazing resumes at my school trying for S&T, IB, PE, are coming up empty-handed
Wondering what to do, is it possible to recruit fall junior year for stuff? Can I recruit IB or something else in the fall if S&T isn't possible and try to move later? Just not sure what to do and kind of freaking out that it really seems like I missed the "sophomore spring" cycle, which a lot of people make out to be your only chance. 


Also sophomore here, some s&t SA hire in the fall you could def try again, but lowk you should find out really quickly if you're not made for s&t. I realized this very early on bc people kept referring me to other groups so I pivoted to IBD. My suggestion is to perhaps seek feedback from interviewers and coffee chats as much as possible 


S&T recruiting is still in full swing. I don't think Citi has opened yet, credit agricole and similar banks open in the fall and spaces open up at all BBs (esp Deutsche) until dec. Keep grinding and if you aren't feeling S&T make sure to cast a wider net (asset management, ER/CR, boutique/MM IB etc.)


UBS has sent out so many superday rounds. I didn’t get any coming from a non target and I know this year they really care about target schools. The offer rate is really low tho. 


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Career Advancement Opportunities

May 2024 Investment Banking

  • Jefferies & Company 02 99.4%
  • Lazard Freres No 98.9%
  • Harris Williams & Co. 25 98.3%
  • Goldman Sachs 17 97.7%
  • JPMorgan Chase 04 97.1%

Overall Employee Satisfaction

May 2024 Investment Banking

  • Harris Williams & Co. 18 99.4%
  • JPMorgan Chase 10 98.9%
  • Lazard Freres 05 98.3%
  • Morgan Stanley 07 97.7%
  • William Blair 04 97.1%

Professional Growth Opportunities

May 2024 Investment Banking

  • Lazard Freres 01 99.4%
  • Jefferies & Company 02 98.9%
  • Goldman Sachs 17 98.3%
  • Moelis & Company 07 97.7%
  • JPMorgan Chase 05 97.1%

Total Avg Compensation

May 2024 Investment Banking

  • Director/MD (5) $648
  • Vice President (21) $373
  • Associates (91) $259
  • 3rd+ Year Analyst (14) $181
  • Intern/Summer Associate (33) $170
  • 2nd Year Analyst (68) $168
  • 1st Year Analyst (205) $159
  • Intern/Summer Analyst (146) $101
16 IB Interviews Notes

“... there’s no excuse to not take advantage of the resources out there available to you. Best value for your $ are the...”


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