Chances of getting into trading as non-stem in 2024

Hi there, 

I will be doing an S&T summer internship this summer and I study a joint honours Economics degree from a UK Target university (majority of degree in Economics with some Econometrics and stats involved). From this background, what are my chances of breaking into trading considering there are strong demands for people with quantitative backgrounds etc? I assume it varies from firm to firm but any thoughts on this would be appreciated. 

Note - Please ignore the Prospect in Accounting. 



No I have an S&T summer that is rotational, I want to gauge from this post whether it is realistic to get into trading as I network and choose rotations. 


Can you comment what degree you do? It doesn't sound like pure Econ with the way you write but not sure. Either way the topics you mention makes it seem Mathematic enough to qualify as 'quantitative' in nature


Can you expand on your background (based on your title not sure if you're recruiting in London or at undergrad/masters/phd) and ways you've showcased original thinking? I'd imagine on a CV perhaps listing interesting coding projects or interests like reading could show that, but for the stages after I'm not sure how you demonstrate it.


the later stages are the best place to demonstrate it! in the case studies and the interviews. 

i will preface this with the fact that i accepted an am offer and not a trading offer. but i made it to multiple final rounds despite not having a super quanty background, so you really shouldn't worry about that aspect of your application (i have a social science too so I've probably done half the amount of econ you have). I'm an undergrad at a target in London. Recruited exclusively for london offices (didn't venture into Amsterdam etc because I'm an international student from India so i get screwed every time with visas) 


I'm not the poster sorry, just commenting as I was interested but well done. Quite interesting you've made it so far without a straight Maths/Econ/Stats degree at COWI, assumed it was just these guys dominating. Was there anything in your profile you felt especially made up for the lack of Maths? I imagine you've had to still brush up on some maths for the timed mental maths assessments (like with optiver).

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