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I'm about to transition from a fairly casual office environment (think: jeans) to a NYC office BB on the corporate side. I'll be coming in as a mid level employee.

Q1- What should I expect other women in the office will be wearing? Is it business professional every day (suits, blazers) or more smart business casual (I.e. slacks and a nice blouse, skirts and a blouse)?

I'll only have client meetings 50% of the time and fully expect bus. professional for those days.

Q2 - What bag do you carry to work? Brand, size, style, etc.

Any help is appreciated!

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Nov 8, 2018

I'm in consulting and can't speak about the BB office dress code. I only see bankers when we're with clients and they're in suits. If you have a total lack of information going in, I'd probably just defer to business professional with brighter tops for a bit until you figure out if you are wearing the jacket more or leaving it at your desk.

For bags: a nice Tumi is a safe choice. Knomo also makes great bags. Lo & Sons makes a fantastic tote where you can change the look via a shell. Cuyana has a beautiful leather tote but it's unstructured and that look doesn't work for everyone.

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Dec 27, 2018
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