Finance Career: Current Events and the Market

Hi All,

Quick background - first year analyst in a coverage group at a top MM IB firm. I have had a great experience but starting to think about the next step, especially as recruiting season is already ramping up. My question - what career paths are heavily geared toward current events, international affairs, and the market? I love the news and seeing how macro events affect the market. At the same time, I love diving into businesses and seeing what drives them.

Is the most sensible career path a hedge fund? PE is very interesting, but I'm leaning towards stepping away from the transaction side of the business.

I'm sorry this is a broad question, but kind of at crossroads here as I think about PE, HF, and other career paths. I've been searching the site for a thread on this and couldn't find anything off first glance (please point me in the direction of a thread if this is covered in detail). Any insight would be incredibly helpful!

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Oct 30, 2018

Sorry to bump this, but any sort of insight would be much appreciated.

Oct 30, 2018



Oct 30, 2018

Emerging Markets HF/trader/analyst? Shifting to a macro desk in S&T then angling for Macro HF PM? Going into monetary policy possibly at a central bank or government treasury? Finance academia?

Oct 30, 2018

Some sort of monetary policy / World Bank / IFC / government type job is definitely something I have put serious thought in. However, I don't want to pigeonhole myself, and from what I have heard they can be quite bureaucratic. I feel like what I want to envision the job to be will not be true.

A Hedge Fund always comes to mind, but I'm not exactly sure where I fit in that space. Macro sounds great, but I think I am looking for more fundamental driven funds given my personality and skills. I do love the global aspect of it.

Oct 31, 2018