Finance undergrad requiring trading guidance/mentorship

Hey there, I am a finance undergraduate in my penultimate year searching for internships in trading.

Unfortunately I constantly feel like I have a lack of knowledge/awareness on the different facets and types of trading jobs and feel overwhelmed in my preparation. I understand that trading can encompass many fields and sectors from commodities,stocks, derivatives and each company may focus on different sectors.

I have tried researching trading strategies on options and the like but have yet to trade on my own capital and honestly, am not sure as to where to even begin building my foundation to the level at which a trading firm will allow me to intern with them. I did try paper-trading for a short period but it felt as if I were just firing shots in the dark and not gaining solid experience.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated and I will do my hardest to work on the advice given.

Thank you!

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Jan 16, 2015 - 11:11pm

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