Fixed Income AM to Distressed Debt

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I am currently wrapping up my first year in institutional AM. I got a brief taste of distressed debt and have been reading up on it for a few years now. I feel confident that this is where my interests lie and wanted to begin setting my sights on this field as I complete a rotational program. I'm in the midst of the CFA program and plan on finishing this at my current employer since they pay for it. The next step would be an MBA, however, I am not sold on this. I was accepted into a T20 law school in undergrad and would rather go that route if a grad degree is needed to transition. Back to the main point though, how do I successfully go from institutional AM to a distressed debt HF? Networking is probably the golden rule but are there any other things that can be done to help transition? I split my time between IG and HY currently, but my firm is risk-off when it comes to distressed situations.

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Apr 1, 2018
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