Flow Traders' Math test

Hey !! So I've my Flow Traders' Math test coming up in a few days and wanted to know a substitute for tradertest since its no longer active. I have tried arithmetic zetamac and getting decent enough speeds at it but it doesnt involve decimals and i fear that may be my undoing.

I request anyone who's in know of any other relevant website that will help me improve my mental math speeds, specifically decimals, to help me out .


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Jul 31, 2018

Use rank your brain on expert, that is quite helpful.
Also, sign up for: www.mathchallenge.nl/math-challenge-0 . Its pretty much a condensed version of their test, even the layout is the same lol. I found zetamac as a good refresher, but not realistic when it comes to decimals and fractions.

Jul 31, 2018

Thanks, I used rankyourbrain , and getting decent enough speeds there too (80s in easy and 50s in expert category) but the thing is there the range of calculations is restricted i feel.
I've tried the mathchallenge.nl (and it's really good, a true picture, i'd say), but haven't received the results that they said they'd mail me. So i've not been able to gauge my performance.

Also, you cannot practice on mathchallenge.nl, since you require different sets of user information each time, so that's a bit frustrating.

Sep 24, 2018

Hey @Vishwas-Maheshwari do you mean you were getting 80 right in under 2 minutes in easy and 50s in expert ..

I am actually getting just 40s in easy and 20s in expert .. OMG

Oct 16, 2018

Practice and Practice . Also I use a laptop with Numpad and try to type in numbers without looking so that also saves a few seconds.
But overall the more you practice, sharper your instincts get and better you get at calculations.

Oct 17, 2018

50s in expert is impressive. Didn't know about rankyourbrain, going to look forward to trying to improve my own scores.

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Oct 17, 2018

Hey everyone,

I'm also gonna take the test and I'd appreciate any advice on how to better prepare for it. Until today, I really didn't use any mental math skills and I make about 15% on the prep test. I need to make at least 60% to pass the test.

Oct 18, 2018

Give this a shot. Kobewobe mentioned it in the first comment and here's the link. I've had some decent improvements by getting reps with easy numbers and moving into harder territory over time: https://arithmetic.zetamac.com
Here's another easier one: http://terryford.org/arithmetic
Here's what used to be the best (Trader Test) before it was taken down. You can still practice the problems and see the format: https://web.archive.org/web/20180101195426/http://...

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Nov 13, 2018