For undergrad, any major difference in outcome/prestige UMich Ross vs. Notre Dame Mendoza?

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Hey, I'm going to be a first generation college student, so my blue collar family isn't much help in this regard. US News puts Ross undergrad at #3. But Poets & Quants and Bloomberg put Mendoza ahead of Ross, at #2 (with Ross at #8 and #10, respectively). I think they're both about the same size, 500-600 kids per year.

I'm not like a bible thumping Catholic but I do attend a Catholic high school and it's been a really solid experience. Both have fun sports culture. I'd probably say Ann Arbor is a superior town to live in, as South Bend is pretty grimy. I think I'd be really happy at either to be honest, so I'd just like to best position myself for a great career.

I assume Notre Dame has more cachet since it's private and a harder university to get into, overall? But I'm not sure if that's applicable to the business colleges, specifically.

Thank you for any insights.