Fortune 50 FP&A Interview Questions

I am interviewing for a corporate FP&A analyst position (post-undergrad) on Monday. I'm not exactly sure what to expect in terms of interview questions..

I know their business pretty cold and can talk very intelligently about the company and industry, but what should I know in terms of finance technicals? Should I be prepared for investment banking type questions or something different?

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Aug 25, 2017

Probably different at every company, but from where I work

1.) Excel test - pretty simple. Pivots, Lookups, Index-Match, Conditional Formatting, IF statements
2.) Basic Accounting - knowledge of Financial Statements and how they link together
3.) That being said, 80% of interviews are behavioral - tell me about a situation where you took ownership of a project etc. I hate this format, but gotta play the game to get a job.

Read their last Q.

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Aug 28, 2017

^what this guy said. Out of undergrad, they know that your finance experience is limited. None of my interviews had a single technical question, they were all fit-based.

Listen to their last earnings call, read their last 10-k, look up some recent articles about the company. Make sure you have your story down- Why you want corp finance, why you like their industry, and why you want to work at their company specifically. Good luck!

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Sep 3, 2017

Ended up getting the job. Very few/any technical questions. Only one was "what are some metrics you'd look at when evaluating the financial health of a company?"

Mostly fit questions, but also a fair bit of corporate strategy/industry outlook involved.

Sep 11, 2017

And how did you answer that technical?

Sep 15, 2017

I always like to give answers in "threes."

So I said:

Return on Equity
Gross Profit Margin
Current Ratio

I provided color on each one and why they were valuable but also what potential drawbacks they have.

I don't really think it matters too much what examples you use as long as you can speak intelligently.

Oct 10, 2017