Fresh direct vs Grocery store vs China Town

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I am new to the city and I am trying to figure out the best way to get food- for context I live downtown in FiDi. Of the following options, which do you think would suit me best?

1) Shop at the grocery stores across the street (Jubiliee, Zeytuna)
2) Order delivery from Fresh Direct / Instacart (Interested in getting feedback on their services)
3) Commute to China Town to snag lower prices

Thanks for the input

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Jun 30, 2016

I lived down there and the following worked well for me:

Order bulk goods/non-perishables from Amazon or
Basic shopping (bread, frozen dinners, beer) from the Duane Reade at 40 Wall
1x a month go to 55 Fulton or Whole Foods to round out my kitchen. Whole Foods Tribeca also delivers downtown for a reasonable price if you know exactly what you need

Was never impressed with Fresh Direct (granted, this was years ago) since prices were high and the quality of their perishables sucked. Never used Instacart.

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Jul 5, 2016

Spend your Seamless allocation on a grocer-deli

In my more callous years, I once had a Seamless guy pedal up from a deli in FiDi in the pouring rain to deliver me some extra virgin coconut oil at my bank's offices in Midtown. They like the exercise!

Jul 6, 2016

they enjoy snow alot more

Jul 5, 2016