FTI Consulting - Who are they? I keep getting an email from them asking to interview...

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So this may be a dumb post, but I have received an email from someone at FTI Consulting asking for 15-20mins of my time for an interview, and I have no clue what to expect or what its about.

I am currently working in the Real Estate industry, and my background is mainly all real estate and real estate finance related.

I AM in the job market, as I am looking for something different so I know my resume is out there at the moment. I am not sure how this person received my email or resume, but I figured they saw it on monster.com as I made the mistake of putting it on there. I have received emails from very, very flaky, unprofessional companies so initially I ignored the email from FTI Consulting. As, I have never heard of them before.

I received a follow up to the email from them, so I figured I would search them on google. It seems like they are a legit consulting firm.

I dont have a clue what job they could be contacting me about, however.

Anyone have experience with FTI Consulting and their interview process? Any suggestions on what I should be prepared for, considering my background in only real estate?

Much appreciate any insight into the company. Thanks.