Fund Accounting to Portfolio Management - Career Path Advice

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Ladies and Gentlemen,

I'm in need of advice from the older, wiser users on this forum. I'll set up my background, then present my question to you.

I'm in fund accounting at a major mutual fund (top 10 by AUM, strong reputation) based on the West Coast. I am greatly enjoying the work, the people, and the education about the industry I'm receiving. I just recently graduated from a non-target school. However, I was in the school's honors college, and I did graduate with a 3.8 (magna cum laude). My alma mater has little to no alumni base in finance. In fact, my job came from extensive networking outside of my academic network.

Even though I am enjoying the work, fund accounting is not my career objective. I am much, much more interested in moving closer to portfolio analysis and management.

I am continuing to network within Asset Management. I'm trying to pick up as much Excel as possible. Additionally, I am planning on beginning my CFA at the start of the new year.

In light of this, what else should I do to make myself more hirable to a portfolio management team?

Your time and thoughts are much appreciated.

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Sep 30,2015

Sounds like youre on the right path - network and CFA are definitely key. Also, try to educate on the subject so you can talk fluidly during interviews. I would recommend reading books on PM (there are many threads on this on WSO) but if you start the CFA it will consume all of your time. That is a great start to the transition.

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Sep 30,2015

Start living and breathing markets/investing. Maybe move to performance measurement or something like that. Basically, keep moving closer and closer to the actual investment managers as you work on your CFA.

Sep 30,2015