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I'm currently a junior looking for an internship next summer (hopefully to lead to a Finance Development Program after graduation) and I'm looking to hear some of your guys's perspectives. At the moment I have an offer for General Mill's Financial Analyst Intern position. However, I'm also in the later stages of interviewing with a few other firms (mostly in the tech/telecommunication industry) and should hopefully hear back soon.

I've done research on General Mill's program before on here, but I wanted to see if the program is still as strong as people have written in the past. To be honest, I would be interested in working in the tech industry over consumer goods, but the other internships I'm interviewing for definitely don't seem to have the same structured program as GM. Should I stick with General Mills for the strong program (if that still is the case) or should I pursue positions with the other firms that suit my industry interest more?

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Nov 11, 2018

One way to gauge if you can integrate well into tech is to see how tech focused your company is. In the consumer/retail industry some companies have recently emphasized technology and using it as a competitive advantage. Walmart, Home Depot, and Target come to mind when investing in technology. On the CPG side I'm not so sure... but in retail ecommerce is getting big and requires a certain level of tech competence which could lead to a decent amount of opportunities.

If tech is truly your focus I'd go there... the GM program is strong but it likely doesn't have the tech competence you'd be looking for. If the tech company is very small I'd maybe consider GM and try a cross industry lateral (which would be difficult in and of itself).

Nov 12, 2018

FWIW I work for a bigger CPG company and we "poached" a General Mills intern for our full time class. Not saying it's necessarily a terrible company as they still do have a few valuable business units, but as someone in the industry, there are probably only 4 or 5 CPGs that I'd want to be at right now.

Nov 12, 2018