Georgetown MSB vs Vanderbilt vs Notre Dame Mendoza undergrad junior transfer

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Hi everyone,

I recently took a strong interest in Finance about 6 months ago and have been reading the forum every since. This is my first post.

So I'm currently a sophomore at a community college and I've been accepted to Georgetown MSB and Vanderbilt as a junior transfer. I will hear back from Notre Dame in June and I'm pretty confident I'll get in. This summer I'll be doing an internship at Societe Generale in Chicago in their Prime Brokerage Risk division.

Which of the schools do you guys consider to be the best? I'd prefer to work in Chicago but I'm open to working in other areas. At Georgetown and ND I would major in Finance with a minor in math and at Vanderbilt I'd double major in Econ and Math (Vanderbilt has more course flexibility than msb and nd so that's why I'd double major there). My long term goal is to work at a HF or AM firm (I'd love to work at PIMCO). I'm also interested in the trading side of S&T (either BB or prop).

Thanks in advance for your thoughts.