Anyone know much about this program. Is it legit? I've seen them everywhere on the web and I'm not sure what to trust. Haven't been able to land anything this summer and I am considering the program. Only problem is that I'm low on cash and they apparently don't cover travel/health insurance. Program itself is pretty expensive. Any advice would be great.


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After 9 years doing deals in China, I live by the motto "If it involves China, it's a scam"

Those who can, do. Those who can't, post threads about how to do it on WSO.

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After 9 years doing deals in China, I live by the motto "If it involves China, it's a scam"

Looks like you got burned pretty badly there. There are bad companies in China as there are elsewhere, including a number that went public abroad via the backdoor reverse merger format. There are also good honest businesses that benefit from offshore capital and expertise.
This panel discussion from last year's Milken Global Conference gives a pretty good overview of what is like to invest there:

Re the OP's question I am not familiar with that program but why would they charge you to participate in an internship program? That doesn't sound right.

Too late for second-guessing Too late to go back to sleep.


I'd lean heavily towards @"SSits"'s opinion on this. The only thing that I'd trust along these lines in China would be if there was a reputable US/Western company or university sponsoring it and even then it can be questionable: they could be getting screwed themselves by a partner in China. Maybe you're fluent, but having done business in China I'd also question the value of an internship unless you're fluent. Business in the PRC is primarily if not always done in Mandarin (or Cantonese in the far south) so I don't know what you'd actually be doing on an internship.

I'm not saying this is definitely a scam but I'd do much more due diligence on it.


Well you have consider the fact that this thread is a year old and those might not have been up at the time

Incoming Spring Discovery Day Participant at J.P. Morgan Stanley


There was already a solid thread on this being a scam - no doubt about it. If you can't search "Gi2C China WSO" to check for yourself, maybe you deserve falling for it.

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