GMAT-Weak Qaunt Scores-Am I Screwed?

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Merry Christmas all,

I want to pursue an MBA at a top 15 school sometime in the next few years. However, I one constant theme in my education throughout my life has been my very weak quant scores. Even though I haven't taken the GMAT yet I'm likely to do poorly on the quant but do quite well on the verbal. Does this put me at a strong disadvantage for applying to high-level MBA programs?

I mean my application should have other redeeming qualities ex. I have a decent undergrad GPA; I recently finished my master's degree at a top target school, I have been told I have a very interesting/unique professional background etc.

I would be curious about hear everyone's thoughts

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Dec 26, 2018

Your quant score on the GMAT (or GRE) is just one piece of the overall holistic evaluation of your MBA application. Keep in mind, adcom wants to admit students who will be able to handle the quantitative rigor or their program. There are ways to show your readiness that are unrelated to your performance on a standardized test. Since you are a few years out from applying, you have time to address this potential weakness in your profile.

Pick GMAT or GRE . You may be more comfortable with one test format. Take a practice test of each and decide then buckle down to prepare. Start with books then move to a formal class and potentially to a tutor to address your most challenging areas. As with anything, time on task will result in improvement.

Five Tips to Build your Quantitative Profile.

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Dec 26, 2018


Schools want evidence you can handle the quantitative demands of their programs. The quant score on the GMAT is one way to show you can handle those demands, but there are others: Good grades in quant courses, work that is quantitatively demanding, positive feedback on your quant skills from recommenders come immediately to mind.

You can also consider taking both the GRE and the GMAT ( or at least practice exams for each) to determine where you will do better. A distinctive professional background and personal story can also be compelling once you've satisfied the school that you really can handle the math.

Here are a few resources that may help you:

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Dec 27, 2018

Even though I haven't taken the GMAT yet I'm likely to do poorly on the quant

This is the wrong attitude. It's fine to acknowledge a shortcoming, but you need to compensate for it by putting in additional work. There's nothing on the quant section that can't be learned or practiced. Be confident and stay motivated, check the GMAT box off and then you'll be fine if the other aspects of your application are strong.

Dec 27, 2018